Holiday Marketing Strategies to Try Before 2020 Ends

Holiday Marketing Strategies to Try Before 2020 Ends

The year 2020 has been a year of immense competition where only the toughest have survived who were ready to adapt and respond to changes. A fast-acting team was needed, which was prepared to handle any issues that might have occurred on their website.

Some holiday marketing strategies that you can try before 2020 ends are: –

1. Showing gratitude to customers-

During the holiday season, even loyal and long-term customers may shop elsewhere. Showing the shoppers how valuable they are to you will make them stay loyal to your firm. 

This can be done by-

  • Sending them a thank you note over mail or giving them a card physically.
  • Offering free rewards While customers are buying gifts, a free reward will motivate them to spend more than they usually would in your company.  For example, if you offer them a gift on a purchase of over INR 1000, then the customer who was buying products worth INR 800 will automatically buy products worth more than INR 1000. 
  • If not gifts, free shipping can also be offered which is also one of the best marketing strategies to boost sales.

2. Enhancing social media marketing-

  • Highlighting special offers, savings, or using unique seasonal hashtags on your social media account can help to spread the word about your products and offers. 
  • This will reach new shoppers and influence them. 
  • You can also encourage shoppers to use these hashtags when they post a picture on social media that features your product.
  • Sending e-mails: Do not overdo things by sending in too many e-mails. A simple, catchy line is needed to spark interest. E-mails will keep the customers reminded of your company.

3. Produce festive advertisements- 

If you are paying pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, then you can attract users by adding a festive touch to the advertisement or using a catchy phrase that will grab their attention. 

  • Go budget-friendly: Fix a proper budget for your marketing ideas.
  • Appeal to shopper emotions While thinking of holiday marketing ideas, pay extra attention to the emotional appeal of your content.
  • Using inspirational messages or add a behind-the-scenes look at how your company employees spend the holidays will evoke powerful feelings.

Tips to follow: –

We live in a world where there are too many distractions. To hold your customers’ attention, some holiday marketing tips that should be kept in mind are;

  • No matter how much the rush, you should understand your buyers’ personas and try to deliver the best of products.
  • Only one marketing strategy should not be in focus. By putting all the eggs in one basket, you are limiting your target audience.
  • Avoid last-minute planning.
  • Ignoring the competition or copying the competition may not lead to your growth.

Conclusion: –

Every business needs a direction. Do not target a broad audience. Focusing on a smaller group helps to make better marketing plans. By keeping some best marketing strategies in mind, even in a year like 2020, a business can ace.

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