Blog Marketing: Top 4 Handy Tips to Kickstart Your Journey

Blog Marketing: Top 4 Handy Tips to Kickstart Your Journey

Superficially, blogging can seem to be all about writing and publishing. Although, that’s not everything. Alongside jotting down professional write-ups, you will also need to promote them. But how is it going to help you out?

For starters, blog marketing can help you make your website a bit more popular in the outer world. By doing so, you can get around 97% outbound links to your site. It, in turn, can aid you in generating more leads and boost web traffic as well. 

So, how are you going to kickstart your ethical journey of blog marketing? Here are some tips that can be beneficial for you in this aspect. 


  • Use Keywords 


In essence, keywords are some specific phrases or terms, which are generally used by the users while searching for something on a search engine. With it, they usually try to find relevant content for their purpose. 

So, if you want to draw those people who are interested in your niche, then you will need to use apposite keywords in it. But how are you going to do it? Here’s how you can do so.

  • Go to a keyword-creating website and write the name of your topic on it. 
  • Check out the total numbers of searches of the relevant results. 
  • Choose the ones that are most popular among the other options. 


  • Opt for Social Media 


Did you know that around 96% of bloggers tend to share their blogs on social media platforms? And why won’t they? Indeed, it is the best way to get connected with more potential readers without breaking a sweat. 

Here are some tips that can get you started in this aspect. 

  • Try to promote your newest write-up aggressively. 
  • Create several posts on social media platforms for each of your blogs. 
  • Display the share buttons prominently to prompt everyone to share the post.
  • Make some customized graphical content for your post to make it more appealing. 


  • Approach Social Media Influencers 


The number of social media influencers is growing day-by-day and for a good reason as well. So, besides doing everything all by yourself on social media, you can also opt for them to promote your blogs. Here are a few ways through which they can help you out.

  • Write a review on your blog and share it through their social media account. 
  • Advertise your blog posts at the end of their videos. 
  • Post a discussion of the topic of your blog post. 


  • Try Guest Posting 


If you post your blogs on another website, it becomes easier for you to reach its already-existing audience. Now, if your write-up is up-to-the-mark, then the readers will visit your website to read more. 

Moreover, if you enable a comment section on your guest posts, it also becomes more comfortable for you to converse with the readers and connect with them. Sounds perfect, right?



Blog marketing is the best way to get more readers and increase web traffic on your site. The era of digital marketing calls for high-quality blogs that is user-responsive and Google ranking friendly. So, it is essential that you carry out blog marketing in a way that will yield better ROI rates and rankings.

However, if you are a beginner in this aspect, then the task of promoting might seem to be a bit daunting for you. In that case, IMZ media solution is here for you. We have experts who have strong expertise in blog marketing and the latest trends in digital marketing.

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