SEO Tips You Can Use Today for Better Traffic and ROI rate

SEO Tips You Can Use Today for Better Traffic and ROI rate

Did you know that almost 61% of entrepreneurs consider SEO marketing to be the key to success in online marketing?  With a well-designed website, you can gather a huge amount of web traffic and achieve an ideal conversion rate. It, in turn, will help you to attract more audience to your website and increase the aspects of your business potentials. But, how are you going to make your site SEO-optimized all by yourself? Well, here are some SEO tips to get you started! 


  • Videos are the new thing!


Whether you believe it or not, but video marketing can, indeed, be a decent source of web traffic accumulation. Research has also found out that using videos on a website can increase its conversion rate by almost five times. However, only keeping short clips on your site isn’t going to be the ideal SEO strategy for you. In addition to this, you will also need to update and optimize them regularly. The following SEO tips 2020 might help you out in this respect. 

  • Keep optimizing and revamping the quality of the video, especially the ones that you have used on your written content. 
  • Update the description and title of the video to keep them relevant and searchable. 
  • Integrate videos almost everywhere on your website. 


  • Magic of Snippets


According to Ahref, only around 11% of the results on search queries on Google have snippets. However, as per the comments of an SEO marketing agency, their inclusion is quite crucial for a webpage. For example, if you can add any of your niche keywords to it, then it will help your site to rank higher on the search results. Besides, they can improve on-page SEO as well as off-page.  

You can also provide a brief of your content to the potential readers, which, in turn, might prompt them to click on the link. But how can you optimize your content to show the snippet? Here are a few SEO optimization tips and suggestions that might help you out. 

  • Use headers. It will make the scanning task much more comfortable.
  • Include superior external backlinks and resources. 
  • Optimize your website for cross-device usability. 
  • Be concise and clear while writing. 


  • Content is Effective


Content is something that can make your SEO ranking go higher than usual. However, using them blandly is not going to be much effective. The following are some search engine optimization tips that might help you out in this aspect. 

  • Utilize whitespace as much as possible. 
  • Write short paragraphs and use proper headings. 
  • Include relevant images and videos. 
  • Add short yet subtle headings.
  • Use LSI and relevant keywords properly. 
  • Incorporate infographics with the technical content for a better understanding for your readers.


There is always a huge competition when it comes to ranking websites as per Google rankings. Hence, generating traffic to a new website can be a daunting task for one. You will need experienced assistance, and SEO expertise to optimize your site for better ranking and more traffic.

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