The Fundamentals of Developing an SEO Friendly Website

SEO Friendly Website Design & Development

Having an SEO friendly website can help to improve your SERP ranking. If your website ranks higher in the search engine results page, it will grant your business better visibility. But, when it comes to designing an SEO friendly website, most businesses consider implementing SEO tactics only after the website goes live.  That’s where they go wrong. The best way to create an SEO friendly website is to bring an SEO expert on board right at the beginning.

By involving the SEO team from the initial stage, you will be able to come up with a SEO friendly website which is likely to improve your chances of being indexed and ranked on the first page of the search results. So, why wait? Let’s get started will a list of basic things that you can do to develop an SEO friendly website.

Here is what you can do to come up with an SEO friendly website design:

  • Create mobile friendly web designs: With 2.7 billion smartphone users across the world, you can no longer ignore the mobile-friendliness of your website. Due to the rising numbers mobile users, Google algorithms are designed to give priority to mobile-responsive sites. To come up with SEO friendly website designs, make sure that the web design process takes into account mobile users.
  • Design for user intent: SEO friendly website development requires teamwork. Let the SEO experts and content writers deal with keyword research and SEO-friendly website content; ensure that your web designer is on to creating a design that targets your users and facilitates a simple, hassle-free experience.
  • Image optimization: Images play an important role in the website designing and development process. Having unique and relevant images may attract more users to your site. But, to make sure your website is SEO friendly, you must optimize these images. Use high resolution images that do not distort when viewed on mobile or tablet screen. Reduce the file size of the images to improve website loading time and by use ‘alt text’ to describe your images for the search engines.
  • Create crawl-able site structures: Poor website structures make it hard for crawlers to access the pages on your site. And, it is likely to affect user experience as well. To address this, make sure that your site is structured in a logical hierarchy. Before delving deep, make sure the site structure to enable better navigation. Design your website in such a way that users can access product information or go on to the purchase page with minimum clicks.
  • Take care of the URL structure: If you want to come with an SEO friendly web design, you can’t afford to miss this step. Use hierarchical URL structure with consistent naming conventions so that both users and search bots can easily understand what the page will be all about.
  • Use keywords in title tags and meta descriptions: This does not mean that you should resort to keyword stuffing. While inserting keywords in title tags and meta descriptions, remember to keep it readable and impactful for the users.

Did You Know?

Here’s a fun fact: Out of the billions of people who use the internet every day, only 5% navigate past the first page of Google. So, if you want to increase organic traffic and earn first page rankings, it is important that you design and develop an SEO-friendly website.

Benefits of having an SEO friendly website

  • Higher Visibility– By SEO optimising the website design and development process, it is likely that your website will become visible to more and more people. SEO friendly websites tend to rank higher on Google, which means having an SEO friendly website may lead to better ranking. If your website ranks higher on search engines, it will give your business better visibility and increased traffic.
  • Better Branding– If your website ranks higher on search engines; it will give your business better visibility. As your website becomes more and more visible to people over a period of time, it is likely to increase the recall value of your brand or business. Thus, an SEO optimised website can lead to better branding.
  • Increased Conversions– SEO friendly websites makes it easier for users to reach the desired call to action. The number of conversions coming from a website depends on how evident and easily available the call to action is. In an SEO optimized, the call to actions is placed conveniently to enable conversion.
  • Reduced Bounce Rates- An SEO friendly website takes care of user interface and user experience. These websites have proper loading time and an appealing mix of high quality images, videos and engaging content to keep users occupied. This reduces the bounce rate.

The Conclusion

Having an SEO friendly website is crucial for your business. It is central to all your digital marketing efforts. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today.

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