Ensure Your Website Is Available & Accessible For Everyone during Covid-19

Ensure Your Website Is Available & Accessible For Everyone during Covid-19

Website Hygiene Factors To Consider During COVID-19

When the first Corona Virus outbreak happened, it did seem like the end of the world. People were panic-stricken, grocery shops were emptying out like there is no tomorrow, and the stock market values were dipping constantly. The pandemic spread across countries and continents like wildfire. Almost every country had reported cases of infection within the first few months. And, it is needless to point out that brands and businesses have taken a major hit during the persistent lockdown. No one knows for sure what lies ahead, but there is one thing we can say with absolute certainty: Like all the other bad times, this too shall pass!

The good news is: digital marketing will thrive even during the pandemic. Since social distancing is the need of the hour, online purchases will increase. More and more people will resort to ordering groceries and other times online to avoid venturing out and enduring long queues. And, thanks to the lockdown, people are likely to stream more videos online, and be more active on social media.

In this blog post, we will talk about how you should keep your website in a spick and span condition during Covid-19.

Core Website Hygiene Factors That You Should Not Neglect During Covid-19

Website responsiveness– Given that digital marketing will play an important role during the pandemic crisis, you must ensure that your website is responsive across all mediums and devices. A responsive website is one that has been designed to respond and adapt according to the type of the device used by the visitor. This ensures that visitors have a similar experience on your site every time they visit, irrespective of the device that they use to browse.

Image Optimization- If you are in the healthcare business or for some other reason if your website is experiencing a sudden spike in traffic during the Covid-19 pandemic, you must come up with ways to prevent a server overload. One way of doing it by optimizing images. Firstly, you need remove unnecessary images and videos. Secondly, the existing images must be optimized to reduce server bandwidth usage. Moreover, optimizing website images will reduce the loading time of your website.

Call to Actions- Call to actions enable potential customers to take prompt action. Strategically placing call to actions on your website will help you to get more conversions. Many times, brands and businesses undermine the importance of call to actions. We urge you not to walk the same path. Ensure that there are enough call to actions tastefully included on your website.

Updated Content on Website- Now is the best time to update your website content, especially if you have not done it in a long time. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, more and more people come online to read up on the latest updates. Updating your website content with relevant keywords will help you to draw more traffic to your website, and deepen your bond with the end consumer. And, this brings us to our next point.

Include a Blog Section- Blogs are a great way of adding new content onto the website. You can leverage your business blog to keep your customers updated about your latest products and services. You can use it to impart knowledge and educate your customers. You can also use your blog to post content which are in sync with the current times, and tell your audience about the stand that you are taking against Covid-19 as a brand or a business. If you are new to business blogging, or do not have one yet, start now with a strategy of posting at least 2 new blogs per month.

Customer Testimonials- Adding customer testimonials to your website makes you look credible and trustworthy in the eyes of your potential audience. So, make sure you reach out to your existing customers, and ask them for testimonials. Upload them on your website, where your new and potential customers can find them easily.

SSL Certificate- An SSL certificate is a must for your website. This is what renders your site as safe. SSL certificates secure the transfer of data. It has SEO benefits. The search engines boost your site’s ranking if your site has an SSL certificate. It also helps you to gain your user’s trust. If you don’t have an SSL certificate for your website yet, this is the right time to get one.

Social Media Integration- Your social media and your website should come together to promote your online brand. Create shareable content, add it to your website, and make sure you have the social share buttons at the top right corner. They not only create more awareness about your content but they also improve user experience, when you make it easy for them to share your content.

The Conclusion

Having a website is simply not enough. For your website to be search engine friendly and user friendly, you must ensure that the core hygiene factors of your website are taken care of. If you have been neglecting these factors, now is the time to buckle up, and avail our website designing and development services. Over the last 10 years, we have created fabulous websites for several happy clients. We’d love to do the same for you. Talk to us about your website requirements. Call us at + 91 22 23682245/8998, or write to us at info@imzmediasolutions.com