Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses during COVID-19

Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses during COVID-19

Digital Marketing For Small Businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down. It is a difficult time for all businesses; but especially for small businesses. The small businesses have to strive extra hard to get in touch with their customers; and they have to be mindful about budgets too.

Under present circumstances, digital marketing could be your savior. Digital is not only fast and hard-hitting, it is also pocket-friendly as compared to other mediums. With the social distancing and work from home norms in place, people spend more time online these days. With a little knowledge about digital marketing strategies, you will be able to reach out to them easily.

How Should Small Businesses Use Digital Marketing During COVID-19

  • Start with Local Listings for Your Business: With the number of COVID-19 cases on the rise, most people would prefer to stay at home and venture out as less as possible. They would now turn to their local shops and retailers for all their needs. Hence local listings for businesses will come to play an important role. Use Google My Business services to take care of local listings. It is a free service by Google and a great way to improve brand visibility. To do it right, read our blog on 5 Mistakes You Are Making On Your Google Listings.
  • Optimize Your Website For Search Engines: Digital marketing for small businesses is not as difficult as it looks. Use a free tool like Ubersuggest or Screaming Frog, and run a quick audit of your website. You will come up with a list of factors that needs to be optimized to improve your website ranking on the SERPs. To optimize website for search engines, check out a few DIY videos, and you should be able to take care of the core SEO ranking factors on your own. If you are not tech-savvy at all, reach out to our SEO experts. We are a digital marketing agency that has been working for small businesses all this while. So, don’t worry about not having a grand budget; we are sure we can figure this out together.
  • Build Your Brand On Social Media: Since businesses are experiencing disruptions during the pandemic, social media sites have come up with different ways to aid small businesses. Take Facebook Grants Programme for Small Businesses, for example. In its initiative to help small businesses through the tough times, Facebook is offering cash grants and ad credits. Similarly, LinkedIn has come up with SMB learning playlist. This list is especially curated to help small businesses navigate through the challenges of today’s economy.
  • Invest in Content Marketing through Blogs: In the current scenario, online marketing strategies for small businesses should rotate on cementing trust. This is why small businesses should invest in content marketing through business blog. You can use search data to understand the increase in demand for certain types of search queries. Based on the insights that you gain, you can create effective content marketing opportunities during COVID-19. While you are at it, remember to balance optimism and sensitivity in your messaging.

To know more about how small businesses can invest in digital marketing, and profit from it, read our blog on: Digital Marketing For Small Businesses: Where Should You Start?

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