Digital Transformation and How These Brands Are Acing It

Digital Transformation and How These Brands Are Acing It

In the realm of digital marketing, change is the only constant. Things are continuously evolving and innovating. For brands, businesses and digital marketers it is quite a task to stay on the top of these changes. In the marketplace, some brands out-perform others, some businesses grow exponentially while others don’t and some marketers nail their careers in digital marketing while others don’t.

What, do you think, makes a difference? If you ask us, as a digital marketing agency, what is the secret to our success, we’ll tell you: it is our ability to embrace change. Are you the person spearheading the digital change in your organization? Do you need a little inspiration, or a little motivation, maybe? This blog post will help you with that.

So, what is a digital transformation? And, why is it necessary?

Digital transformation is the shift-to-digital movement lead by brands and businesses. It first started several years ago, when digital marketing first became a thing. There has always been a tug of war between traditional and digital marketing. But over the years, many leading brands have realized the need to re-think their marketing strategies. Most of them have embraced the digital revolution. They have shifted, sometimes partly, sometimes wholly to online marketing. The brands that went digital in a major way are the ones that outperformed their competitors.

This is because, with time, marketing is not the only thing that has changed. Consumer behavior has changed drastically too. Consumers are keener on shopping online via digital brands. Their buying patterns and purchase decisions have changed. Today, there are more in-the-moment purchases than ever. When they come to shop online, they have a plethora of global options at their disposal. So, thanks to digital, the modern consumer is becoming more empowered with every purchase decision they make. With the rise of mobile devices, buying decisions are becoming more and more impulsive. The question is: who will capture the impulses of an online consumer and make a sale, you or your competitor?

The Leaders in Digital Transformation

Here are some digital transformation case studies that show how brands have come up with creative ways and ingenious solutions to embrace digital transformation.

McDonald’s customization and automation

McDonald follows a remarkable digital transformation strategy. Their overall focus has been on consumer engagement and customer experience. McDonald was one of the first fast-food chains to adopt automated kiosks. These kiosks are now a norm in almost every McDonald’s. This move by McDonald inspired several others in the industry. But the real case-study moment in McDonald’s digital transformation happened when at the Super Bowl, they offered products which coincided with the commercials that were happening throughout the game which led to a Twitter frenzy. Over the years McDonald has kept up with this trend. They have invested in digital transformation through acquisitions like Dynamic Yield, a personalization company, and through investments in a mobile software company called Plexure.

L’Oreal and Make-up Genius

Cosmetic leaders L’oreal has always been long known for its digital transformation strategy that revolves around research and innovation. This brand leaped into digital transformation when they came up with Makeup Genius. It’s a virtual try-on that allows consumers to experiment with hair color and cosmetics. Just like digital transformation, a personal transformation also requires you to take a big leap. Before you make these changes in real life, Makeup Genius by L’Oreal lets you do a digital trial so that you can make well-informed decisions. It’s easy to use, it is very convenient and thanks to ModiFace technology, the experience is better than other make-up apps or hair color changing apps. With this, L’Oreal lets you try on the biggest beauty trends with zero commitments.

Starbucks & it’s Perfectly Brewed Digital Transformation

When it comes to digital transformation strategy, Starbucks is nailing it. The Starbucks Reward Loyalty Program, available on the Starbucks app, has 16 million active members. Starbucks accredits 40% of its total sales to its loyalty program, which has seen tremendous growth since 2008. Starbucks uses the data collected through this program to market specific products to individuals. The Starbucks app comes with easy in-store payment options. It enhances the customer experience by enabling them to order and pay ahead. It saves the consumer from the inconvenience of standing in a long queue on a Monday morning! Through its loyalty program, Starbucks also offers several benefits and rewards to its consumer, like free refills on brewed coffee and free drinks on birthdays.

The Conclusion

Are you thinking of reshuffling your digital marketing strategies? Make sure you take full advantage of these dynamic digital marketing trends in the coming year. Hey, but you don’t have to do it alone. Our digital marketing experts will work with you on the same.

We are a digital marketing agency with 10 years of experience, and we know what will work for you and what won’t. So, leave the technicalities to us. Just enjoy the results. And, we have a reputation in the industry for delivering outstanding results.

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