SEO Mistakes That’s Holding Your Website Back – Part 2

SEO Mistakes That's Holding Your Website Back - Part 2

This post is about 16 common SEO mistakes that even experts make (and you may be making them too), which is holding back your website. So, let’s get started.

For easy reading, the post has been split into two parts. Part 1 contains the first 8 SEO mistakes. To read part 1, click SEO Mistakes That’s Holding Your Website Back – Part 1.

  1. Not optimising for site speed: Page speed is important for user experience. It matters to both Google algorithms as well as to your users. Slow page speed means that search engines can crawl only a few pages using their allocated crawl budget. And, pages with longer load time have more bounce rates and lower average time on page. You can use site speed tools like Google Page Speed Insights to analyze your site speed score, and follow the suggestions to improve the same.
  2. Skipping title tags and Meta descriptions: Speaking of SEO mistakes, this is a common one. In SEO, title tags and Meta descriptions play an important role. They are considered by search engines when crawling your website. Having proper title tags and meta description tags in place can improve the performance of your content.
  3. Serving up hard to read content: As per research, the online audience have a short attention span, and they like to scan through content in the F-pattern. Having large blocks of text which is hard to read, can be a turn-off for such an audience. Make content meaningful but easy to read. Use headline tags to break up content. This will make it easy for users to navigate through the content, and it will also improve the content readability.
  4. Not optimising sites for mobile users: In 2019, half of the internet traffic across the globe came from mobile devices. By 2020, there will be 2.87 billion smartphone users.  Not optimising your website for mobile users is an SEO mistake that you must avoid. Google and other search engines can recognise when a website is not mobile-friendly, and if yours isn’t, then you can expect SERP rankings to go down.
  5. Not focusing on quality back-links: Link-building is an important ranking factor for your website. Back-links can substantially improve your site’s page rank. The most common SEO mistake is to focus on the number of back links. But, as per research, one high-quality back link is worth more than 100 low-quality back links. So, the right way to go about back links is to strike the right balance between quality and quantity.
  6. Having too many blog categories: By creating a blog category or tag, you are creating a new page on your site that can be crawled and indexed. Sometimes, these categories or tags don’t have enough content associated with them. To crawl bots, you give out the impression that your website has thin content and this could hurt your crawl budget.
  7. Forgetting about analytics: This SEO mistake will cost you heavily. To achieve success, one must base all marketing efforts on data. One must further use data to improve on the existing efforts. And, analytics is a great tool to collect data and derive insights. So, ignoring analytics or not using the right metrics is bound to have a costly impact.
  8. Not choosing an SEO friendly domain name: Choosing a domain names are an important decision to make, and yes, it can impact your SEO results. That does not mean you should stuff it with keywords, and make it look like spam. Choose a domain name that is easy to read, remember and say. Use broad keywords when sensible. Try to avoid hyphens in your domain name. Stay away from low quality TLDs like .biz, .info, .net etc.

The Conclusion

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