4 Creativity Traps That Brands Fall Into And How To Avoid Them?

Creative Traps That Brands Fall Into

Every business aspires to become a brand. It wants to have its own identity. But building a brand that is relevant, outstanding and differentiated is no easy feat. It takes constant effort. It requires engaging campaign strategies and brand storytelling. And, a need to constantly rediscover oneself to meet consumer needs. To build your brand and make a lasting impression on your TG’s mind, you need to be perpetually creative. But, it can get tiring at times. And, it’s easy to fall into a trap.

Here are 4 creativity traps that you should watch out for:

  • The Novelty Trap: So, you want to create something new, every day? You want to create mind-boggling visuals, write witty copies and blog like you know it all. You want to tell unforgettable stories, but to what end? Sometimes, in the urge to be creative, brands forget to be strategic. This is called the Novelty Trap. To get out of this trap, remember to have a rock solid strategy for all your branding efforts, based on penetrating consumer insight. And, while you are in the middle of a campaign pause to evaluate real-time results, and ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing.
  • I-Know-My-Market Trap: Have you been in the game long enough? Are you selling well and making an impact? Then, the chances are you are already into this trap without realizing it. Since you have been in the market for a long time; you have answers to all the whys. To avoid the stagnation that comes along with this trap, remember to ask the ‘why not’. Keep a close track of the industry and your competitors. Identify the unoccupied space in the market and find distinct ways to tell your brand’s stories that will resonate with your customer.
  • The Stick-To-What’s-Comfortable Trap: The most basic human tendency is to stick to the path of least resistance. As marketers, one should avoid that trap. When it comes to branding, one should be willing to capitalize on calculated risks. So, go ahead and experiment. Do something with your brand that you haven’t done before. It may be worth investing in re-branding, creative messaging, cultural events and new media platforms to spur growth and to make your brand stand out.
  • The Gut-Feeling Trap:  As brand owners and brand managers, one must understand that you are not your brand. You may now your product in and out but when it comes to marketing your products or telling your brand story, you should avoid evaluating everything through your personal lens of likes and dislikes. Your audience may like something or relate to something that you don’t. So don’t always operate on the basis of your gut feeling. Do thorough market research instead, to uncover valuable customer insights.

The Conclusion

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