Savoury Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Restaurant, Fresh from the Oven!


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So, do you have a fully functional restaurant up and running? Or is it still jotted down as ideas on a piece of paper? Are you a niche food boutique, a chic cafe, a QSR, an international chain of restaurants or just another fast food joint around the corner? It doesn’t matter where you stand in the whole hospitality league; if you are in the system, you should set aside a budget for digitally marketing your eatery. And, here’s why.

  • 90 % diners are likely to look up a restaurant online before dining
  • 88 % diners are likely to make an online reservation
  • 86 % of them would want to check out your menu online
  • 60 % of them are likely to decide based on your online ratings and reviews
  • 59 % of people would want to get directions to your restaurant
  • 59% of people will ransack the social media for food pictures posted by you
  • 46 % of people will look you up online for deals and offers

Are You Present Online? It’s About Time!

Start with a Smartphone that has at least a 12-megapixel primary camera! Yes, it’s that simple. Did you think all the food pictures scurrying the internet got there by fluke? And, just so you know, there are around 168,375 Insta posts for #Food doing its rounds right now. There are just as many videos too, we bet!

But, then again, posting random food pictures and videos on social media is only going to take you so far. You need to weave them into intricate, platform-specific social media strategies that will help build your brand. Here’s where we come in.

Who Are We?

If you are a restaurant owner, and you are reading this, there are chances that we’ll end up working together sooner or later. How about you get to know your would-be digital media partner better?

At IMZ Media solutions, we are a bunch of creatively driven, data-inspired, digitally accomplished individuals, and we dedicate every quirk in our being to strategize timeless digital marketing strategies for our clients.

Now, that’s enough talks about who we are. The more important question is:

How Can We Help You Enhance Your Digital Presence?

By Investing in Social Currency to Increase ROI

Now, what exactly is social currency? It is the traction that you get on social media from user engagement. The more people talk about your restaurant on social media, like your food posts, and watch your food videos the richer you get, in terms of social currency of course!

While not every like, comment or share will culminate into a paying customer immediately; it will help build your brand. It will earn you visibility, awareness, and credibility. Being found on social media is proof that you have arrived; being popular here is a guarantee that you will never have a lull day at work. Here’s how we will nail social media for your restaurant:

  • Enticing visual content in the form of food images
  • Sharable video content to grab more eyeballs
  • Contests and campaigns to enhance visibility
  • Geo-targeted ads to capture more leads
  • ORM to maximize consumer engagement and satisfaction

Social media is all about consistency and promptness. To maximize results, we will monitor posts with a keen eye to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

By Entering You On Organic Listings to Draw Footfall


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We’ll let the numbers speak for themselves! A recent survey shows that 65% of Smartphone users Google for restaurants within walking or driving distance, 66% look for directions and 51% for contact numbers.

Benefits of having us take charge of your restaurant’s Google Business Page:

  • Better Visibility
  • Boosts Online Ordering
  • Local Search Rankings
  • More Credibility
  • Access To Customer Analytics
  • Supports Review Handling

Local listings on Google are the most effective way of acquiring new customers. Not featured yet? Let us fix it before your competitors take advantage of your slackening online presence.

By Helping You Acquire Good Reviews & Ratings


Reviews and ratings can either make or mar your business, and if you are in the restaurant business, you know this only too well. Are you battling the onslaughts of negative reviews online? Here’s how to we can turn the tide for you:

  • We address negative reviews, we don’t ignore them
  • We encourage a dissatisfied diner to speak about their experience
  • We make amends. We take feedback seriously
  • We offer redeemable discounts on your behalf and promise them better service in the future
  • We induce customer loyalty programs for your happy customers
  • We come up with exclusive strategies to acquire organic ratings and reviews

Additionally, we ensure your presence on sites like Zomato, TripAdvisor, and EazyDiner. We also connect with food bloggers and tell them your story, so that they can tell it to the world. We work hard to get you featured on Top 10 food blogs where your target audience is likely to find you.

By Launching E-Mail & SMS Marketing To Up-Sell Your Existing Customer


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This is the wing of marketing where customers become patrons. Restaurant marketing is not only about aggressively acquiring new customers but retaining the existing ones. E-mails and SMSs bearing offers and promo codes from known restaurants have a very high open-rate. The idea is to stay relevant: We stick to crisp messages with smart visuals and hard-hitting call to actions. Through E-Mail and SMS marketing, you can easily up-sell your customers. We take charge of the process to ensure that you don’t overdo it by sending several messages in a day.

By Conjuring Kickass Websites & Blogs to Establish Your Brand Authority


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Having your website is a great way to portray your professional presence online. Here are a few ways in which we can spice it up for you with a functional and updated website:

  • Theme page to reflect your brand image
  • Menu page to showcase all your delicacies
  • Gallery to showcase all your Instagram-able moments
  • Feedback form for your customers
  • Testimonial section displaying favorable reviews from happy customers
  • About Us page that will talk about your history and culture

We use the blog section of your website to establish your brand authority. Here’s how we plan to go about it:

  • We’ll post about your ‘must-try’ recipes. Talk about what makes it so unique
  • We’ll talk about your preparation techniques without giving out your trade secrets
  • We’ll tell your story. We’ll talk about your magic moments and the milestones on the way
  • We’ll talk about your celebrity chefs and their achievements
  • We’ll post about events and celebrity moments
  • We’ll share your behind-the-scene stories

Through the blog, we’ll lay bare the soul of your restaurant and build nostalgic relationships with your patrons.

All said and done, we hate to tell you this but: authentic food, outstanding service, fancy interiors, and a plush location do not start churning out profits on its own unless effectively marketed to the right audience through the right medium with the right message. And, where does the right audience reside? Look around carefully, you will find them on the other side of the internet. And, we have the means to connect you to them.

You just have to call us on 022 2368 2245/ 022 2368 8998. Or, write to us at Our digital marketing experts will be with you in a minute!

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