5 Mistakes You Are Making On Your Google Business Listing

Common Google My Business Mistakes

Did you know that 46% of Google searches have local intent?  The question is, the next time a potential lead looks for services provided by you, will you show up or not? And, even if you did, would they like what they see?

Providing wrong or incomplete information on Google local listing is the best way to lose business. Do you think that’s what’s happening? Is that why new leads are not showing up as often as you’d want them to?

It’s time to get them back from your competitors. It’s time to claim what’s rightfully yours. But first, claim your business on Google My Business listings.

Here are 5 mistakes that you may be making on Google Business Listings, that’s affecting your business right now.

  1. Business Name– This is probably the first thing a searcher will see about you when you pop up on Google Business Listing. Keep it simple, and spell it as it is. Don’t add city, location, area of expertise or stuff keywords for “SEO reasons”. Spamming your business name on Google local listings is more likely to repel a customer than attract them.
  1. Website Link– Let’s say, you have done everything right on Google My Business listings but you overlooked this small detail. This is what is going to happen: A potential customer will find you on Google, but they won’t find out anything about you. And, trust us when we say this, they aren’t going to wait out; they are going to knock the doors of the next person who provides the same services as you.
  1. Phone Number– When a potential customer clicks your name in Google local listings, they intend to find out more about you. If you are in the restaurant business, they may call your number directly to place an order. Let’s say that you are a doctor, nutritionist or a packers and movers guy, they may want to call you and schedule an appointment. If you haven’t mentioned a call number, you are missing out on hot leads, and right now is the perfect time to go to my business listings and rectify that.
  1. Low-quality photos– For a lot of people who are genuinely interested in your business, the pictures you post on your Google local business listing serve as the first impression. And, we all know how first impressions die hard. So, upload recent, high-resolution pictures that depict who you are and what your business is all about.
  1. Google reviews – Google does not penalize you for not having any reviews, but it does when you have negative reviews. And, so does your potential leads. So, what can you do about it? Firstly, you can put a loyalty program in place to encourage your happy customers to rate and review you positively on Google. Secondly, you must understand that negative reviews are like open wounds; do not leave them unaddressed.

So, there you go! This should take care of the basics for you. But, there are several other things you can do to completely optimize your Google My Business Listings. Get on-call with our SEO expert, and we will tell you how it’s done. Feel free to write to us @ info@imzmediasolutions.com or drop by our office for a cuppa!

Oh! And, one more thing! You will find our address and phone number duly mentioned in our Google local listings. Hope to hear from you soon, then.

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