How to Make the Most of a Small PPC Budget?

Tips For Getting The Most From A Small PPC Budget

Having a low PPC budget is not the end of the world. When you are on a low budget, you have to maximize your resources. The smart thing to do will be to spend it on necessary things.

Here are 5 things you can do to make the most of a small PPC budget:

Set your expectations straight- Do the math before you start with your campaign. Set a budget for monthly spends. Figure out the cost per click, and determine the number of clicks you are likely to get for a budget like yours. This is the first and the most important step to starting a PPC campaign. And, especially when you have a small budget, you should set your expectations straight about the size and the scope of the campaign.

Prioritize goals and use laser focus– Often advertisers have several goals, but having a small PPC budget will limit the number of campaigns you can run. So you have to restrain the number of goals you can set. The most common goals include Brand awareness, product and brand consideration, leads, sales, repeat sales, etc. Once you set your goals, use a laser focus to make the most of your campaign. Several parameters will help you restrict excess traffic to your campaign, thereby leaving you with authentic leads only.

Ad scheduling and geo-targeting– Speaking of laser focus, narrow down on geo-targeting. It is one of those basic things that you must decide upon. You can choose to target countries, cities, states, cities or ZIP codes. The smaller the area you target, the lesser traffic you will get. The trick here is to balance relevance with budgets. Ad scheduling is another thing that you would want to consider. Based on your previous learning and insights, you can run ads on certain days or at certain times during certain.

Bid on the right keywords– Bidding on generic terms can put a dent in your pocket, if you have limited resources. Such terms are highly competitive. If you have a small budget for PPC, it is best to invest in long-tail keywords relevant to your business. You can come up with a keyword basket using the Google keyword planner. While doing keyword research, proactively look for negative keywords. Include negative keywords to ensure that ads are not triggered erroneously. Also, match types are essential to control budgets.

Run a call-only campaign– Last but not the least, you may want to run call-only campaigns. This is most relevant for business with a small PPC budget that struggles with landing pages and testing different versions.

The Conclusion

Does all of this sound too technical for you? There’s no need to get overwhelmed. Running a PPC campaign on a small budget is not impossible but it takes professional expertise to yield maximum results. You may be tempted to do it yourself but getting a digital marketing agency on board will help you to do more with less.

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