Keiba- Another Delicate Feather to Our Already Illustrious Hat


Located amidst the lush green of the Mahalaxmi Racecourse, Keiba is an oriental food space in South Mumbai. It stands out in the fine dining category owing to its elegance, ambiance and exquisite Asian cuisine. Keiba is well-known in its genre and its vicinity.

The problem- When the client approached us, Keiba was already fairly active on social media. But, they were struggling to capture enough eyeballs. Also, their social media posts lacked product awareness and user engagement, and the images used in the posts failed to convey the true essence of what the brand stands for. So, they came to us, looking for a digital marketing agency that would understand the brand in its entirety and portray it creatively on social media.

Keiba | Chilli Cheese Squid Gyoza

Our Approach- We took time to understand the client and their business objectives. Over repeated coffee-table conversations with NeetiGoel and RonakRochlani; we came to fathom every minute detail about the brand. And then, we came back to the drawing board. We brainstormed on how to incorporate the elements of sophistication and elegance in Keiba’s social media campaign which were previously missing. Together, the IMZ team made sure that we put our most creative hand forward.

Keiba | Indulge

The solution- We decided to strategically address all the loopholes in Keiba’s existing social media strategy, one by one. Firstly, we took care of the look factor with delicate design; we opted for minimalism to enhance the element of elegance.

Keiba | Dimsoms

Secondly, we reinstated the core element of food in Keiba’s social media posts. But, we didn’t just stop there. We ravaged the Keiba kitchen in search of ideas, spoke to the staff members; gathered footages and images of the Keiba approach to authentic Asian cuisine, and we posted them on social media.

And thirdly, we ran page-like and post-boost campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to increase page likes and grab more followers.  We also carried out awareness campaigns on LinkedIn, re-designed the Keiba menu, and put in motion the Keiba newsletter to strengthen the brand.

Keiba | Livewire Sunday's Brunch Menu

Keiba | Livewire Sunday's Brunch Menu


And, here’s what the client has to say about us:

“ . . . When it comes to restaurant marketing on social media, Keiba has found a reliable partner and a trustworthy friend in IMZ Media Solutions. We are impressed with the painstaking effort made by the team. Thanks guys, it’s been an amazing experience for us and the brand.”

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