How These Top Brands Used Social Media for Effective Story Telling

How These Top Brands Used Social Media for Effective Story Telling

The early days of the pandemic was exceptionally hard for all of us. With the lockdown suddenly put in place, and the economy taking the hit as a result; it became all the more difficult for brands and businesses to communicate with their audience, and fight the battle of survival.

There are a few brands that gauged the situation well early on, and rapidly changed their social media marketing strategy to suit the need of the hour. Let’s take a close look at a couple of brands that used social media effectively for storytelling during COVID-19, and nailed it.

This Is How Cornitos Kept Communication Alive During the Lockdown

With the modern trade stores seeing a drop in sales at the on-set of the lockdown, the brand managers at Cornitos realized it pretty soon that they have to step-up their e-commerce game. Thus, a portal was launched, and they decided to promote it using its social media channels.

At Cornitos, they kept it crunchy with their social media strategies. When the lockdown was first announced, they took to posting two different kinds of content: informative and supportive. They took to spreading information about safety measures during the pandemic while encouraging people not to lose hope!

After the first spell of doom and gloom subsided, Cornitos refurbished its social media strategy once again. This time they interacted more directly and optimistically with the consumers by handing out crisp ideas about how to make the most of their time at home.  They maintained marvelous brand connect by handing out ‘corny’ recipes to try with nachos. This way, they captured the mood and the sentiment of the mid-lockdown phase pretty well, and made a lasting impact on its audience.

More recently, they came up with their #CornitosKhaoBoriyatBhagao campaign, which was bang on, once again. By now, people have had enough! They are stuck at home, and fighting with boredom more than with the virus. And, Cornitos give them something simple and crunchy to do! Throughout the months, Cornitos have nailed every mood over the lockdown phase in their unique way. All in all, it’s a job well done.

SOCIAL Nailed Social Media, When Socializing Became an Issue

During the pandemic, the FNB industry took a hard hit, just like any other industry. Under such circumstances, what’s a brand like SOCIAL got to do? Throughout their existence as a brand; SOCIAL has encouraged people to keep the phone aside and embrace real life experiences. Well, that line of content won’t work now, so this is how they refurbished it!

They followed an Instagram-led strategy, and came up with Snapchat filters that enable people to try their favourite LIIT virtually! SOCIAL took to social listening, before coming out with these filters and they found out that, LIIT was missed the most. So, they grabbed the opportunity when it presented itself, and came up with cool filters that would pique the interest of the younger generation, who make for their primary target.

Kitkat ‘breaks’ the Clutter, With Its Recent Ad Featuring Ayushman Khurrana

While people all around the world has been discussing the pandemic in terms of health, economy, protection, safety and social distancing, Kitkat decided to break the clutter by highlighting the plight of the student community whose futures have been temporarily put on hold. The ad features Ayushman Khurrana, the well-accepted and relatable Bollywood star, who is trying to teach Accounts to the students, while struggling to capture their interest in an online class; where there is no personal connect.

Kitkat keeps it so relatable with its choice of celebrity, student-related shenanigans, PJs cracked by teachers —- which it makes you feel like it’s happening to you or someone you know in real life. It’s a job well done, and speaks directly to the age group which is their target audience, in a language they would understand by highlighting their problems in a fun-and-frolic sort of way.

The Conclusion

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