Emerging Digital Marketing Trends Post COVID-19

Emerging Digital Marketing Trends Post COVID-19

Before COVID-19, brands and businesses were already in the process of creating a digital presence. During the pandemic, the shift to digital might be more formidable from ever before. The fact that there has been a 100% increase in online sales in India in the past few months bear testimony to the same.

The Increasing Dependence on Digital as a Marketing Medium

The pandemic has made us more and more dependent on the digital medium to meet our daily needs. From groceries to luxuries, everything is being purchased online nowadays. This has changed the way brands do business. They have been putting in more resources in the digital medium, because let’s face it: Under the present circumstances, showing their ads online will get them better ROI than putting up hoardings and billboards across the entire city.

With the change in consumer behavior, induced by the pandemic, there has been subsequent change in marketing trends. A large part of this change is marked by increasing dependency on digital as a marketing medium. Now, the question arises, how is that impacting digital marketing at present, and what will the scope of digital marketing look like in the near future?

To answer this question, let’s look at the emergence of digital marketing trends amid COVID-19!

An Integrated Approach to Marketing: The real challenge faced by brands and businesses today is to understand the undercurrents of changing consumer behavior. In order to capture and pique the interest of the consumers, the marketers would have to understand consumer behavior in every step of the purchase process. Such detailed consumer insight can only come from digital marketing, where analytics and AI mechanisms are used to track buyer journey from end to end. But, digital marketing can’t work in isolation either. So, the experts are of the opinion that, in the near future brands should and would follow a more integrated.

The Need for Personalization Will Go Up: Due to increase in local purchases, the need for personalized marketing will go up. This is where digital marketing comes to play a prominent role. Traditional marketing operates around fixed definitions of consumer behavior, and offer a wholesome, generalized experience meant to cater to everyone. But, such an approach won’t be too effective at present. The current situation demands a more systematic, targeted and personalized approach so that brands and businesses can get maximum conversions with minimum expenditures. This is one more reason why digital marketing will flourish further in the days to come.

Performance Based Marketing Will Thrive: By now, we are all aware of the economic hits brought about by the pandemic. It’s a matter of little wonder, that brands are mindful about shelling out the big bucks. This means that brands will be more inclined to invest in marketing medium with a hard-hitting, ROI-centric approach. So, digital marketing mediums like SEO, SEM, social media marketing, programmatic advertising, and conversational marketing will witness an incredible increase in investments.

More Outsourcing to Happen: According to market experts, as brands all around the world take a keen interest in digital marketing, Indian entrepreneurs and digital marketers will see an influx in outsourced digital marketing projects. When it comes to youthful digital marketing professionals, the country is brimming with untapped potential, and the display of cost-effective digital skills here won’t go unnoticed.

Digital Marketing as a Lucrative Career Option: On one hand, the pandemic has had a tremendous impact on the life of students, and youthful professionals. The plans of going abroad to pursue an MBA from a reputed institute has been pushed back in time indefinitely. On the other hand, people need more career options where you can learn from home and earn from home. Digital marketing as a career option fits the definition perfectly. With rise in demand for digital marketing, market researchers and economists are of the opinion that, by this time next year, the demand for digital marketers will have gone up 3 times. Many entrepreneurs will stand witness to the changing needs of the market, and will move to take it up as a profession.

The Conclusion

The time has come to adapt and renew your digital marketing strategy, while keeping up with the emerging industry trends.  Whether you are a brand or a business looking for an end to end digital marketing strategy or you are a fresher looking for a new start to your career; there is always something for IMZ Media Solutions. Get in touch with our experts today! Write to us at info@imzmediasolutions.com or call us at 91 22 2368 2245/8998.