Reasons Why You Should Keep Creating Content during and After COVID-19

Reasons Why You Should Keep Creating Content during and After COVID-19

During the initial outbreak of the pandemic, when the whole world was under a lockdown situation, many brands and businesses withdrew their marketing initiatives, and planned on cutting down budgets. Turns out, that wasn’t one of the best moves! A lot has changed during the pandemic, including our approach to marketing.

In fact, in a situation like this, you should invest more in marketing your products and services, but not in a way you are used to. Your marketing agenda now needs to shift gears from ‘how to sale more’ to ‘how to serve better’. And, believe us when we say this, content marketing through blogs and on social media platforms is as good a way as any, to go about this.

Here are 5 very important reasons why you should keep creative content during and after the pandemic.

People spend more time on digital devices nowadays: Most businesses are functioning remotely, so most people are working from home. They are cooped up with the whole quarantine situation. Which means, people are spending way more time online than before. According to research, the weekly screen time reports have gone through the roof; app usage are seeing an upsurge, and people spend way more time on social media. Brands use this information to step up their content creation and content marketing strategy.

People are bored, and addicted to technology. There’s a good chance that they will cut down expenses right now, and clutch their wallets tightly. However, with the right digital content strategy, it is possible to influence them now so that they return to you in the future.

People are looking for distraction online: The mood of the moment is guided by the feelings of confinement, reduced social and physical contact, frustration and feelings of anxiety. Brands can view this as a source of intimidation or opportunity. As a brand, you should take to creating entertaining and interesting content that will help lighten the mood like: self-help tips, do-it-yourself tips and innovative posts about what your readers can do with your products from the confines of home. The point is people are looking to be distracted from the realities of life; and as a brand, you can tap into this opportunity, step up your content marketing game, and provide your readers with the distraction that they need. No matter what kind of a brand you are a part of; you can always come up with an engaging content marketing strategy for your business.

People want you to take a stand as a brand: The pandemic has thrown most people off-balance. They are looking around for help, and everything that helps make sense of the current situation will definitely draw attention. As a brand, you should take a stand; you should voice your opinions, and strengthen your positioning. Or else, your consumers will assume that you are tone-deaf! Use your brand content strategy to clarify your stand against the pandemic. Work to support your community, make charitable donations, create value for your customers, and support health-care professionals. Though your content pegs; send your positivity to those you need it, and create hope by talking about what your brand is doing to keep people safe.

Gain followers, if not customers, at the moment: We know what you are think: all of this sounds great but will content marketing help me get conversions? If not, that why should I waste my time and resources by using content to reach out to people? Well, let’s be honest here! If you are doing this solely for conversions; you may be slightly disappointed. This is not because content marketing as a tool is not effective, but because, conversion rates have reached an all-time low for many industries. Even, conversion rates on PPC ads have dropped largely. But, content is not just about earning revenue; is it also about gaining followers on other platforms. And, you know how it is: potential buyers can turn into consumers; but followers can turn into brand evangelists.

Set long term content marketing goals: This brings us to our final point: look at content creation and content marketing as a long term investment for your brand. Look at it as a means to improve brand awareness. Use your content marketing strategy to inform your buyers about the current status of your business and products. Use this opportunity to cement trust with customers, and increase customer loyalty through feedback and engagement. And, before you know it, you will start reaping the benefits of content marketing.

The Conclusion

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