Signs that Your (Digital Marketing) Partner is Cheating On You

Digital Agency Is Cheating On You

Something’s not right, and you can sense it. But, you don’t know what.

The sweet smiles, the sweet talks, the polite conversations, the courteous handshakes, and those innocuous promises seem a little too perfect.  But, you are not entirely convinced.

Sure, you are drawn in with their charm. But, when it comes to transparency you are not too sure.

Do you feel that your digital marketing partner is being ambiguous on purpose? If your gut is telling you so, then probably that’s true. Not all digital marketing agencies have your best interests at heart.

So, how do you know if your online marketing agency is cheating on you? Just follow the signs.

3 Ways in Which Your Digital Marketing Partner Cheats On You

Digital Marketing Agencies Cheat On KPI

Digital Marketing is a comparatively new domain. It has not been around as much as traditional marketing. There are many nuances of it that entrepreneurs still don’t understand very well. Online Marketing Agencies take advantage of this and cheat on KPI.

To cover up incompetence, a shady digital marketing agency will deliver KPIs by manipulating data, buying followers or planting fake entries. They will trick you into believing that they have got you all the eyeballs you asked for, but the truth is, all the leads are cold. They are not likely to turn into consumers. And, while the agency makes money, your business suffers!

Digital Marketing Agencies Cheat On Budget

And, you won’t even see it coming! Once in a while, you will encounter a digital marketing agency that quotes much less than industry standards, and promise you rosy outcomes. The idea is not to get carried away. Such agencies deliver subpar results. They waste your time and let your competitors woo away your valuable TG, all the while immersing you in complex digital jargon.  Digital Marketing agencies further cheat on the allocation of budget, so if an agency denies full disclosure on media spends, you should know better than to trust them.

Digital Marketing Agencies Make Fake Promises

The most common one is to get you the 1st position of Google search within a month out of nowhere.  It’s tempting, right? But, isn’t true. And, the chances are, they will get you results too, using black hat techniques. We know what you are thinking, how is that cheating, then?

Well, it is. Because, the moment you seize to continue with their services, you will fall face flat. The 1st page of Google search is a very competitive marketplace. And, to continue to rank there takes a lot more than a month of black-hat SEO. It takes months of trimming and tweaking and optimizing to get there and stay put.

So, the next time you choose a digital marketing agency, make sure you do your homework. Don’t let them fool you.

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