Why Google My Business is a Must-have for Start-ups?

Why Google My Business is a Must-have for Start-ups?

Google My Business for Star-Up

If you are a start-up enthusiast or the owner of a small business, then you would know the struggle to thrive in the age of digitization. The competition keeps rising, but fortunately, there are multiple ways of how a start-up can be successful in this competitive market.

One of the most effective ways is to localize your business. Much like the campaign of #SupportLocalArtists, your business must also get enough recognition in your area. That is where Google My Business comes in.

According to Google, around 46% of searches that people generally make on the search engine have local intent. So, it does make sense for the start-ups to make their organization popular in their locality.

And, in this case, Google My Business can be an ideal partner-in-crime for them. Do you want to know how it can be advantageous for your organization? Then, keep reading.

  1. Enables You to Appear in Local Listings 

Have you ever noticed the map that appears whenever you search for restaurants and shops on Google? Well, yes, you have guessed it right. Your business, too, can appear there if you have enlisted it on GMB. It, in turn, will –

  • Make your organization more visible.
  • Offer your potential customers with all the information that they wish to access.
  • Keep your website at the top of the SEO ranking.
  1. Allows Your Customers to Leave Feedbacks

Whether you believe it or not, online reviews make up for around 15% of the search engine results. Thus, if you want to receive feedback from your clients to improve your offerings, enlisting yourself in GMB becomes essential. Also, the positive reviews on your business can increase your sales at an increasing rate.

  1. Offers Sales-related Information

If you have enrolled your business on GMB, then you can use a unique feature called Insights on it. With it, you can –

  • You can learn more about the current situation of the market and build up a strategy in accordance with it.
  • It can also help you to know more about your followers, their likings, and many more.
  • The feature makes it easier for you to find out your frequent visitors almost instantly.
  1. Helps You in Building a Website

Developing and designing a business website is the most basic step in digital marketing. With GMB’s easy-to-operate builder tool, you can create, publish, and edit a professional-looking website. You may also outfit it with a customizable domain and implement Adwords in it for simplifying the advertising procedure. As you are using GMB for creating the website, you will be able to rank higher in SEO-ranking. We are all aware of the importance of Google ranking in digital marketing.

  1. Simplified Management System

In actuality, GMB is pretty easy to use. Hence, managing your business’ credentials through it will not be much of a hassle for you. Moreover, you will also be able to –

  • Monitor and manage the reviews, posts, settings, and many more through the dashboard
  • Get connected with your customers through it and create a healthy relationship with them.



Unlike other promotional websites, Google My Business usually gets updated almost regularly. Thus, along with the older tools, you can also use the new features and improve the visibility of your business if you stick by them. Our experts at IMZ media solutions are always up-to-date with GMB features and functions. We can help your business to achieve massive reach in your local areas with the help of Google My Business.

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