Are You Focusing On Your Local Digital Marketing Endeavors?

Are You Focusing On Your Local Digital Marketing Endeavors?

You may think you are, but there are so many loopholes in your local digital marketing strategy! And no, we are not the ones saying this, the Forrester folks are! In a recent survey conducted by Forrester, it was noted that, for 77% of multi-location brands, there were several ‘untapped opportunity’ in their local digital marketing strategies.

To translate it in lay terms, this would mean lost opportunity for precious business! Nobody ever wants that, but then, executing digital marketing strategies for brands (especially multi-national brands) at a local level is easier said than done!

But, hey! If you are one such brand, we can help you out! Here’s what we can do to take care of your brand’s local digital marketing strategy.

We can communicate efficiently- We know, what you are thinking! Why should you pay a digital marketing agency just to ‘communicate’? Well, lucid communication lie at the heart of executing local digital marketing strategies for businesses. The trouble with most big brands is that: they operate at national levels, but their local businesses happen at store levels which operate within specific community guidelines. So obviously, there is a communication gap, and most local audiences don’t understand or relate to the messages and ads that you put out there. This dampens your website traffic, click-through rates and even you store footfall.

We understand you- Don’t we all love it, when someone understands us for who we are! Well, we are that one friend, who you can rely on, to meet your business goals and objectives especially within the local community! When we say we can communicate effectively, we mean it in two ways: firstly, we communicate with your internal digital marketing team to understand you as a brand and your vision for a particular market, and secondly, we already have a solid understanding of how the digital medium works and what would make the local audience click, read and buy.

We are good at problem solving- Once you come to us and we build the right rapport, you don’t have to look anywhere else. Be it better geo-targeting for your Google ad campaigns, more effective social media marketing for your business, local SEO tactics or market research to set up local operations: whatever your problem is, we will always have the perfect solution. We are an end-to-end digital marketing agency with over 10 years of experience. Our hard hitting, ROI-centric, performance driven approach has benefited several businesses, big and small, over the years.

Why should you focus your energies on your local digital marketing strategy?

You should do so, because the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way the world breathes, eats and lives. It has also changed the way brands do business! The pandemic is not going to vanish into thin air anytime soon. Which means, people are not going to be travelling or splurging immediately. The need of the hour is to get everything delivered to the door step as safely and with as minimal contact as possible. In a situation like this, the local shops and stores will thrive.

Most brands may be thinking that precedence of online shopping will render local stores (and therefore local marketing) useless! Don’t make that mistake. In the long run, a hybrid approach like ‘buy online, pick-up in store’ is more likely to flourish. So, your local marketing efforts should be able to connect the dots between e-commerce and the immediacy of local stores.

The Conclusion

The time has come to renew your digital marketing strategy for your local business. You need tailor-made tactics like local SEO, GMB optimization, review management and localized social media marketing to survive the pandemic and beyond.

This doesn’t have to be source of worry for you; let us rack our brilliant and digitally-adept brains over this. Get in touch with our experts today! Write to us at or call us at 91 22 2368 8998.